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Music Exposure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's this site all about?

A. It's a web site for music fans, collectors and/or musicians themselves. In our databases we archive all sorts of information about the musicians, the music, music releases and live performances from digital pop to obscure unreleased acetates. We have dedicated information pages if you are:

Why should I use this site?

A. If you're a music fan you'll be able to look up your favourite artists and find out what they've released, what they're releasing in the future (all with links to legally purchase the music digitally and on physical formats), what videos they've produced, where they've played live with setlists and where they are going to play live in the future with links to buy tickets. If you're a collector you'll be able to dig down into individual releases and obtain information on rare and obscure items like limited editions, promos, mispressings, foreign releases, etc. If you are an artist or part of a band you'll be able to put up biographical information for your fans and provide them with information on your music, releases, gigs and link to your official presences on the internet such as a web site, social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) along with contact details if desired. If you work or are a business in the music industry you'll be able to create a bio and provide us with company information and/or services offered.

Why develop this web site?

A. We developed this web site because there is no other site on the internet that does everything that we do. There are sites that do parts of it, but we don't think as well as ours as we bring everything together in one place. We will continue to innovate and improve all the time so please do keep checking back to see how we're progressing. It doesn't matter whether you are simply a fan of one artist, a whole style of music, a rabid collector or the artist yourself - we offer something for everyone. We have developed this site as part of a larger network known as the World Wide Release DataBase (WWRDB).

There's a lot of music/information missing. Why is that?

A. We have only just launched and we're filling our databases as fast as we can. We want the information to be accurate so we're not going to just scrape other web sites (that's usually not legal so we don't do it) or copy dubious information from Wikipedia. We want this site to be as accurate as possible so we will try to ensure that the information going on it is accurate. We'll also be working directly with artists and record labels to enhance the quality of the information.

Can I contribute missing information/help out?

A. Yes. If you notice that some information on the site is incorrect contact us and, where possible, please include a link to the page where the information is missing from (there's usually a "Link to this page" URL at the bottom of each page). If you want to add something new to the site see the "What can I add/upload to the site?" question/answer below.

Can I promote my band/music/latest release/record label/venue/company/service on your site?

A. Yes. You can already add some types of data to the web site free of charge - see the "What can I add/upload to the site?" question/answer below. Contact us for specialist artist and record label services. We will also be integrating an advertising and marketing platform on our network of sites so if that sounds interesting to you please do contact us

What can I add/upload to the site?

The following facilities are available to registered users:

Can I advertise on the site?

A. Yes, we will be integrating an advertising and marketing platform on our network of sites so please do contact us.

What does the future hold for the site?

A. We have many plans for the site including many more features and enhancements. Register with us or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date. Future plans include:

When I register or login there is no padlock icon for the site. Is your site secure?

A. The site itself is secure. You're data is protected on our servers (passwords are stored using unidentifiable salts, hashing and encryption) and we are registered with the ICO in the United Kingdom. However, when you enter your login details this information is not currently encrypted when it is sent from your computer to our server hence no padlock icon. For now the only personal information we need is your email address. We don't need your date of birth, address or any payment/credit card details (which is the sort of information that needs to be transmitted in an encrypted form). If you do not want to register for this reason be sure to follow us on Twitter for now, instead. In the future, if and when we need personally identifiable information, we will have an SSL secure certificate to ensure data transmission is encrypted and you will then see the padlock icon.
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